Sunday, March 24, 2013

TQ6410: Siberia ....

In danger of 'Square envy' after reading of Mark L's blue skies, swallows and martins on Guernsey! This morning's brief circuit of TQ6410 was possibly the bleakest and coldest I've experienced all winter although that didn't stop me being lured (via text) a couple of squares southwestwards for an hour or two with the prospect of two new species for my Pevensey Levels birds' list. Alas, I had to settle for just the Med Gull overhead and flying in totally the wrong direction to get across to TQ6410. This morning's other wetland stuff just 3km southwest of here would have added another 12 species but I can only dream about Little Gull, Little Ringed Plover and Dunlin heading for the Castle's moat and southerly ditch. Anyway, just to put Seth out of his misery, here's a handful of new species which is all I've been able to muster over the past couple of days - all seen yesterday morning.

In the water meadows south of the Castle yesterday: 

337 - Lesser Spearwort  Ranunculus flammula (left) Expected to find this plant way back but must have walked straight past a decent patch of it many times over the past few weeks.

338 - Marsh Bedstraw  Galium palustre in amongst the Soft and  .....

339 - Hard Rush Juncus inflexus 

340 - Dust Lichen  Lepraria  incana   I found this a week or two back and have also seen it recently elsewhere around the square but only just ID'd it. Doesn't like sun or rain apparently .... this one was hiding under an overhang in the bank near the workshop but I also saw it around the base of a smallish tree growing out of the same sheltered, shaded bank. 

341 - Lady’s Bedstraw Galium verum .... now pushing up through the parking area and wild flower banks at my plot, despite the winter chill.

Up to 341 species ...... but I'd better deduct the Ivy-leaved or Round-leaved Water Crowfoot from last time - at least until the flowers appear. So back to 340 species. Doh!


  1. Sorry Mike.. lepraria incana is an aggregate.. Most lichenoligists give these green dusty sterile crusts a wide berth. Unless you've been practising thin layer chromatography ?

  2. But don't be disheartened Mike, check all the Lepraria you come across for Infurcitinea argentimaculella larval tubes. I've proved it to be common and widespread in Surrey, it's just massively overlooked. Wouldn't mind betting it would be "new" to your square if you do find it :)

    Check this page -

    1. Cheers to both .... will have a look at those links ta! Guess I was due a dodgy lichen ID - almost got the full set now. Just trawling through my pending bird ID's to double check on the Alpine Chough. Had a feeling the Rooks in the rookery next door were taking the mick! Fungi? .... am I 100% on fungi still? Aaarrgh .... dammit! Seth - I'm sure there were some near-naked female mud wrestlers in TQ6410 the other day - but I could be mistaken ....