Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ireland enters the fray

Just a quick post to introduce myself and my square. The (mostly rural) square contains a single road that wanders from one diagonal of the square to the opposite one. I therefore have two hedgerows for much of the length, so that will be my main source of flowering plants and some insects. The road starts at the edge of town and has some very old walls along the edge which are good for mosses and lichens. The path then wanders through a wooded area with a stream, so that's for fungi, water plants, lichens and mosses/liverworts. Further up I have a bog with Typha which is good for insects and a Willow copse with lichens. Higher up the hill there is a very fine hedgerow bordering arable land and that will yield many insects and more flowering plants. The square has already been thoroughly documented on my blog at over the past 5 years, and although my species list sits at 1460 or so species, more than half of those came from outside the square.

I'll keep a current listing page on my blog at and will link back to this blog to keep everything tied together.

I started recording for this challenge this morning, covering perhaps 30% of the route and recorded 78 species, with a couple of bits and pieces still to go under the microscope.

Note: having re-read the rules, I have decided that I haven't listened nearly enough to leaf miners (see rule #11).......;)

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