Friday, April 19, 2013

A few moths - dribs and drabs (there should be a moth called a "drib")

my moth trapping for the year is off to a slow start, but virtually every day I have a lifer because it is my first spring mothing (I started last summer).

I probably need to get an MV trap alongside my actinic.
Neighbours will probably be fine with this but wife likely to complain about the bright light.

 twin spotted quaker
So far (pasted from irecord download)

Clouded Drab
Common Plume
Common Quaker
Early Grey
Twin-Spotted Quaker

Also added

mallard (flyover) to the bird list

total so far (may lift me off last place but still in the relegation zone = 32

have been intrigued today by a pair of blue tits interacting with their reflections in a mirror I placed behind a dogwood bush in my garden. One of them was doing the standard attacks on an apparent rival (commonly reported on the internet) but the other spent a long time courtship feeding its reflection. Has anyone seen this behaviour?
The bird was removing buds and also bark and offering it with classic wing fluttering. I have now removed the mirror to remove this object of stress on both these birds and the dogwood.

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