Monday, April 1, 2013

Forgot to add 54 Ivy 55 Dandelion 56 Japanese Knotweed from the other day even though the photos are on Facebook! 30/3/13 (I decided to go through the RSPB guide to Wildlife of Britain and I recognised 219 different species from Trees to Flies all of which I have seen in the UK - I need to add others so with those plus 2 spiders and 420 Bird species = 641 total) There are other Butterflies and Beetles I have written down that I have to find as well as some amazing plants I have seen on Shetland - so I reckon I will have 700 species in Uk id by the end of this week when I have tracked down the notebooks - in the study somewhere! Perhaps it wont be quiet so over whelming trying to get to 500 for my 1km square as I first imagined! Feeling much happier! :) C

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  1. all the below seen in March

    57 Grey Squirrel
    58 Brown Rat
    59 Red Fox
    60 Silver Birch (been staring at me every time I go past one of the parks doh!)

    refound the correct note book - should all be go go go from now on.