Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Finally....that elusive 300!

Juggling pan-listing, children, work, my conservation projects and running has made additions to my square few and far between in recent weeks! However the past few days with warmer weather has got me adding a few more species!

My favorite addition so far has been this lifer of a micro moth Semioscopis steinkellneriana!

Not only does it have a spectacular name, but it is just a stunning little creature! 
My additions so far, bring me past the elusive 300 mark to 303! Here are the latest species:

245    Bombus terrestris    Buff-tailed Bumble Bee
246    Phylloscopus trochilus    Willow Warbler
247    Asellus aquaticus    Water Louse
248    Aglais urticae    Small Tortoiseshell
249    Haemopis sanguisuga    Horse Leech
250    Puccinia tanaceti   
251    Scathophaga stercoraria    Yellow Dung-fly
252    Culiseta annulata    Mosquito species
253    Filipendula ulmaria    Meadowsweet
254    Potentilla anserina     Silverweed
255    Arum maculatum    Lords and Ladies
256    Umbilicus rupestris     Navelwort
257    Cheiranthus cheiri     Wallflower
258    Epilobium montanum    Broad-leaved Willowherb
259    Sedum anglicum    English Stonecrop
260    Veronica chamaedrys    Germander Speedwell
261    Meconopsis cambrica      Welsh Poppy
262    Cirsium dissectum    Meadow Thistle
263    Agriopis marginaria    Dotted Border
264    Inachis io    Peacock
265    Bombylius major    Large Bee-fly
266    Sylvia atricapilla    Blackcap
267    Stellaria uliginosa    Bog Stitchwort
268    Valeriana officinalis    Common Valerian
269    Cerastium semidecandrum    Little Mouse-ear
270    Brassica oleracea    Wild Cabbage
271    Gallium mullugo     Hedge Bedstraw
272    Smyrnium olusatrum    Alexanders
273    Veronica beccabunga    Brooklime
274    Galba truncatula    Dwarf Pondsnail
275    Betula pendula    Silver Birch
276    Crangonyx pseudogracilis     Water Shrimp
277    Lymnaea peregra    Wandering Pondsnail
278    Lymnaea stagnalis     Great Pondsnail
279    Satchellius mammalis    Tree Earthworm
280    Datronia mollis    Common Mazegill
281    Semioscopis steinkellneriana    micro moth sp
282    Strix aluco    Tawny Owl
283    Sylvia communis    Whitethroat
284    Andrena haemorrhoa    Early Mining Bee
285    Anthocharis cardamines    Orange-tip
286    Pieris napi    Green-veined White
287    Aglais urticae    Small Tortoiseshell
288    Andrena fulva    Tawny Mining Bee
289    Bombus lapidarius    Red-tailed Bumblebee
290    Phoxinus phoxinus    Common Minnow
291    Salmo trutta    Brown Trout
292    Luzula campestris    Field Woodrush
293    Primula veris    Cowslip
294    Ribes rubrum    Red Current
295    Euphorbia amygdaloides    Wood Spurge
296    Myosotis arvensis    Field Forget-me-not
297    Pedicularis sylvatica    Lousewort
298    Prunus avium    Wild Cherry
399    Carex flacca    Glaucous Sedge
300    Anthoxanthum odoratum    Sweet Vernal Grass
301    Eristalis pertinax    Tapered Drone-fly
302    Bryum capillare    Capillary Thread Moss
303    Kleidocerys resedae    Birch Catkin Bug


  1. Apparently 'White-tailed Bumblebee' isn't anymore - as I found out this week :-(

  2. Really, I was certain that I what I recorded? What has happened to them?

  3. http://www.sbes.stir.ac.uk/people/goulson/documents/watersetal2010InsConsDiversity.pdf

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