Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SP5595ish - Late afternoon blitz

Yesterday I managed to name a couple of lichens from weekend, along with a cranefly I found alongside the stream. Also the garden moth traps picked up three extras last night along with a couple of new moths taking me up to 283 before breakfast:

Taxon Vernacular Date Added
283 Sylvicola punctatus (fly) 22/04/2013
282 Musca autumnalis (fly) 22/04/2013
281 Ophion scutellaris (ichneumon) 22/04/2013
280 Selenia dentaria Early Thorn 22/04/2013
279 Semioscopis steinkellneriana (micromoth) 22/04/2013
278 Tricyphona immaculata (fly) 22/04/2013
277 Lecidella stigmatea (lichen) 22/04/2013
276 Tephromela atra (lichen) 22/04/2013

late Early Thorn - latest spring record for the garden for 10 years

This afternoon when I got home from work, it was lovely and warm with bright sunshine and it was immediately clear that the garden was busy with inverts. With a few swipes of the net and pots at the ready, over the next hour I added 11 species alongside another 15 or so that I've already seen this year. Brilliant stuff. I was pleased to see this in the garden (a garden tick as far as I can remember):

Bee Fly

Scarlet Lily Beetle - maybe not so welcome, but now annual on my cultivated Snakes-head Fritilaries

Fairly compliant today though

After the spontaneous garden blitz I'm up to 294.

Taxon Vernacular Date Added
294 Adalia bipunctata 2-spot Ladybird 23/04/2013
293 Meligethes aeneus Common Pollen Beetle 23/04/2013
292 Harmonia axyridis Harlequin Ladybird 23/04/2013
291 Epuraea aestiva (beetle) 23/04/2013
290 Osmia rufa Red Mason Bee 23/04/2013
289 Andrena haemorrhoa Early Mining Bee 23/04/2013
288 Eupeodes latifasciatus a hoverfly 23/04/2013
287 Epermenia chaerophyllella (micromoth) 23/04/2013
286 Araneus diadematus Garden Spider 23/04/2013
285 Tachyporus hypnorum (beetle) 23/04/2013
284 Lilioceris lilii Scarlet Lily Beetle 23/04/2013

A good night in the garden may just get me over 300. I did see a bat this evening which I am sure is 45k Common Pipestrelle but it had fluttered off before I got the bat detector sorted out. Also have some bits which may eventually get an ID including these craneflies (shout up if you know them):

Here's a long leggy centipede to sign off.

Western Yellow Centipede


  1. Your third Cranefly looks like Tipula marmorata (confusa), i've been finding these around my Moth trap the past couple of days. There's one out there now on the house wall...

  2. Yes, I thought that too Christian but T. confusa is a late autumnal species. Must be something similar though.

  3. Yes, thats what i thought...it says summer and autumn rarely spring, so its not unheard of.

    Going to double check through the key with my specimen, now got me thinking it could be Tipula rufina?