Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hi from Suffolk

I am very late to the party - how come I have only just found out about this?  Anyway, better late than never. 

To introduce myself, I have always been a keen naturalist, but not a regular recorder.  I am most experienced with birds and plants, but have had various attempts at beetles, bees, mosses and lichens in the past but soon gave up!  I have been recording birds for the Patchwork Challenge since 1st Jan so I have started off my 1k square by rehashing the list to just include those seen in the square.

My square is TM3137, just to the north of Felixstowe.  It includes almost all my garden plus arable land, lanes & paths, hedges, scrub, ditches and the Fleet Arm and part of Kings Fleet.  I will post a map next time.

As of today my list stands at 56, made up of 54 birds plus fox and rabbit, both of which came out to play on the lawn on Easter Sunday so I have a definite date for the sighting!  As soon as I get a bit of time I intend to start on flowering plants and grasses, beginning with the garden.


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