Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eaton Bray SP9621ish

I thought I ought to be able to add the next 4 species and get my tally up to 200 quite easily just in the garden. So I went out after lunch and turned over a few plant pots, flagstones, etc. I also resolved to try and take photos of at least a few species. In the end I surprised myself by adding 13 species, and disappointed myself by only getting one half-decent photo, and even that isn't really even half-decent!

One new plant: Ground-elder. The first time I have taken any pleasure at seeing this species coming under the fence.

Yellow Meadow Ants Lasius flavus on the move again, with a few Ant Woodlouse Platyarthrus hoffmannseggii in their nests.

Also added Rosy Woodlouse Androniscus dentiger.

Centipedes: Lithobius forficatus and Schendyla nemorensis.

Five more Millipedes: Blaniulus guttulatus, Cylindroiulus punctatus, Ophyiulus pilosus, Cylindroiulus caeruleocinctus (one of the more unusual species on my garden list), Brachyiulus pusillus.

Diplura (two-tailed bristletails): Campodea lankesteri. Never recorded these from the garden before but found several under a flagstone by the compost heap.

And a new carabid, the ultra-common Pterostichus madidus.

Total moves up to 209.

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