Monday, April 15, 2013

SP5595ish - More Carabidae

Been out for a short walk with me torch this evening; the plan was to wander about until indistinct black carabidae scuttled into view and then pot them up. It just about worked - I saw three beetles and potted them all, I guess I just hoped for a bit more activity after a good warm day. Under the microscope and trying to piece together various info resources, I think they are three different common species. Click for the beetles for a bigger image (though once again rushed shots in the dish - haven't got the time or patience to properly photograph beetles which won't sit still unless under duress).

Nebria brevicollis

Pterostichus madidus - red legged form

Pterostichus melanarius ? madidus - black legged form


  1. Skev, the bottom photo is just the black-legged form of Pterostichus madidus. Both your madidus photos show the rounded hind-angles to the pronotum really well. The only 2 other Pterostichus with rounded angles are aterrimus (extinct in Britain, survives in NI) and aethiops which can normally be excluded on range (a northern and western species).

  2. Thanks again Mark - appreciate the help. I find a lot of these aspects subjective until I've seen enough specimens/species to get a feel for some of the differences. Feels like when I started looking at micromoths a good few years ago. Still, I'm happy with 66% correct!