Saturday, April 20, 2013

A gardening afternoon

So the day started off well with a Muntjac viewed from the bedroom window, and a Daddy long-legs spider on the bedroom wall.

After lunch I spent some time in the garden and managed to photograph a few insects for later confirmation of ID. 

Bombus pratorum - Early Bumblebee

Eristalis pertinax - Tapered Drone Fly
Harlequin ladybird
These two lichens were on the window ledge, they seemed to fit with the photos I found on-line.

Lichens Xanthoria parietina and Physcia tenella
Latest update:
105 Muntjac
106 Daddy long-legs spider
107 Tree bumblebee Bombus hypnorum
108 Early bumblebee Bombus pratorum
109 Harlequin ladybird var. Succinea
110 Zebra spider Salticus scenicus
111 Tapered drone fly Eristalis pertinax
112 Xanthoria parietina A lichen (yellow)
113 Physcia tenella A lichen (grey)

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