Monday, April 8, 2013

At last

Lovely spring sunshine at the weekend tempted out the first long overdue Small Tortoiseshells of the season along with my first hoverfly of the year too (Eristalis pertinax).
Lots more Chiffchaffs, most still feeding low near to water and not looking very happy. Some that were ringed nearby weighed only 7.5g, poor things. Just outside the square on my normal 'patch' was a Tree Pipit (less then 100m away but had no tail so I hadn't the heart to boot it square-wards). The first Swallow of the year last thing on Sunday was good to see, firmly in the square.
The list inched forward to 211 with various things, mostly bryophytes, building up in pots, and that's before any warm weather tempts out more potentially identifiable insects. I must order some more pots and possibly a larger fridge. I must also store the bryophytes in folded paper...

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