Monday, April 22, 2013


Made quite a bit of progress as one might expect since Spring appears to be springing, albeit quite slowly considering the time of year (and looking at the forecast ahead, the wind looks to be swinging round to the north again). It looks like I may have to slow down for a couple of weeks anyway as we were told the other day at work that we would be getting a surprise visit from the Spanish Inquisition, I mean the Salem Witch Trials, I mean the Gestapo, I mean OFSTED. This means that I have a lot of paperwork to do and so it will be just casual observations for a bit.

316 - House Martin
317 - Procumbent Pearlwort
318 - Waved Umber
319 - Depressaria pastinacella (moth)
320 - Buff-tailed Bumblebee
321 - Strophosoma melanogrammum (a weevil - below (I hope))

322 - Trochulus hispidus (Hairy Snail)
323 - Tinea dubiella (a clothes moth - this appears to be more common that pellionella in our house, but of course they're more or less identical on the outside)
324 - Stigmatogaster subterrania (a centipede)
325 - White-shouldered House Moth
326 - Tweny-plume Moth
327 - Eudonia angustea (moth)
328 - Nebria brevicollis (carabid beetle)
329 - Muslin Moth
330 - Black Sexton Beetle
331 - Acleris kochiella (tortrix moth)
332 - Barren Brome
333 - Black Medick
334 - Common Ramping-fumitory
335 - Keeled-fruited Cornsalad (I know a bold ID claim, but I have studied the local ones before!)
336 - Wall Speedwell
337 - Cabbage (found a massive cabbage plant growing on some rough ground - below)

338 - Eupeodes corollae (a hoverfly)
339 - Hawthorn (a seemingly self-seeded sapling)
340 - Cornflower (garden escape)
341 - Beaked Hawk's-beard (below)

342 - Prickly Sow-thistle
343 - Herb-robert
344 - Eristalis tenax (a hoverfly)
345 - Cut-leaved Crane's-bill
346 - Spanish Bluebell (boo!)
347 - Wheatear (below - very common migrant of course, but there are not many suitable large fields round here for them to stop off in)

348 - Fragrant Evening-primrose (garden escape)
349 - Common Soft Brome
350 - Little-robin (a local speciality grows on the bank opposite the house)
351 - Beosus maritimus (a ground-bug)

And of course lots more unidentified insects, including the small bee below which was rather cute but no use to me!


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