Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Approaching the halfway stage...

Finished work at a reasonable hour and quickly hustled into TQ1960 for a couple of hours' fun.

Blake's Pond meadow area was profitable with the first few spikes of Adder's Tongue pushing up through the damp soil, a Stinking Iris located underneath some bushes and Little Tree Worm under a log. Teeny (for an earthworm) but showing full compliment of fully developed saddle and male pores. And a lifer!

The hawthorn leaves are finally bursting through, many exhibiting a tightly rolled section of leaf margin. This is caused by a very common mite. Despite collecting 5 infected leaves I failed to find the culprits, maybe I need to give them time to build up numbers?

I headed towards the housing estate, noting willowherb leaves that weren't Rosebay or Great. I took a section home, identified it and was pleasantly surprised to find that American Willowherb is new to me, a huge oversight on my part! Down by the allotment plots I noted Hedge Bindweed scrambling upwards through the bare soil and Nipplewort leaves growing at the base of a wall. In a ditch was new growth of Reed Canary Grass, var. Gardener's Garters - the variegated garden plant. It is well-established in a couple of ditches in the square, this was the first I've seen it this year. A big surprise was discovering a Field Maple coming into leaf, I reckon I've walked past it dozens of times already this year but I've only just noticed it!

A useful little ramble, can't believe its May and I still haven't seen House Martin, Mistle Thrush, Brown Rat or Green-veined White/Orange-tip/Small Tort/Speckled Wood yet! 

Additions are:
483 - Stinking Iris - one under bushes at Blake's Pond, Epsom Common
484 - Adder's-tongue Fern - c6 tiny spikes just emerging at Blake's Pond, Epsom Common
485 - Little Tree Worm - 1 under a log at Blake's Pond, Epsom Common (LIFER)
486 - Hedge Bindweed - just sprouting by allotment plot, they love it in there, lol
487 - American Willowherb - a few plants in light woodland alongside path (LIFER)
488 - Reed Canary Grass (variegated garden origin) - established in a ditch near Lane End houses
489 - Nipplewort - basal leaves on bridge over railway line
490 - Field Maple - one small tree alongside path, never even noticed it before!

I'm off to Wales on Saturday (and working up until then) so am hoping to sneak in another quick visit and hopefully hit the halfway mark before the weekend. Hopefully!!

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