Thursday, May 9, 2013

SP5595ish - A few more

With a bit of garden mothing on Monday & Tuesday night and a couple of bits from the garden, I'm up to 384 but otherwise I've been working early and finishing late so nothing added since a Garden Carpet in the living room on Wednesday morning. The only other success was my first ever beetle in a speculative pitfall trap fashioned out of a jam jar and hole in the soil - not that it was new for me or the list (Notiophilus biguttatus). Weather today has turned bloody nasty with very strong winds and heavy showers so I don't think I'm missing much - though I might get a chance to beat seven shades out of some hawthorn and blackthorn tomorrow afternoon if the rain stops and wind drops. I'll post the details with a (hopefully) bigger update another day but here's a couple of photos including a beetle that I managed to tentatively name and get a thumbs up from the Bedfordshire Beetlemeister ......

Birch Shieldbug found in the garden on natural habitat (small mud covered blue rubber ball)

Dromius meridionalis in 125W MV trap on Monday night 

Several early-instar Coleophora cases on my small Silver Birch
will monitor to try and get an ID, too small at the moment

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