Friday, May 3, 2013


Having yesterday shaken off the shackles of the school inspection, I am ready to get it on like Donkey Kong! I've spent so many hours in the last couple of weeks working to get everything just right, I have not been out in the square at all. I have managed to take some breaks in the garden however and have picked up a few species there. (N.B. my garden is certainly not a wildlife garden. It has a bit of lawn and a couple of ornamental shrubs - the rest is just gravel and concrete. It is really a play area for the munchkins. This is mainly because I hate gardening and so I try to let the weeds take over, until finally my wife decides enough is enough and pulls up everything that grows!)

The highlight was a jumping spider which I have hopefully identified as Pseudeuophyrus lanigera, which is, as far as I know, the first record for Guernsey and possibly the Channel Islands.

So my latest finds from the garden:

352 - Early Bumblebee
353 - Mompha divisella (in the shed)
354 - Pardosa hortensis (spider)
355 - Paranchus albipes (beetle)
356 - Meta mengei (spider)
357 - Amara aenea (beetle)
358 - Silver Y
359 - Mullein (moth)
360 - Nettle-tap Moth (actually 5 yards from the garden)
361 - Pseudeuophyris lanigera (spider)
362 - Swallow Prominent
363 - Brimstone Moth
364 - White Ermine
365 - Sitona humeralis (weevil)

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