Wednesday, May 8, 2013

NY2447 - Redstarts and Stoneflies!

I've been pretty busy since my last update and have to say, this pan-listing malarkey is great fun and very educational!
I know the chances of reaching the 1000 mark are slim, especially as I'm not prepared to dissect anything (So I'll certainly be coming up short with beetles); but there is still loads more out there for  us see!

The big bird highlight has been finding a singing male Redstart; a new record for my square and one I certainly wasn't expecting! Those of you following the Garden Moth Challenge will know that I have been running the moth trap in the garden......mostly in hope! It has been a very slow start to the season, but today I added a new record for my Garden List - Streamer! A simply stunning moth!

The warmer weather has brought out a few nice insects including this monster the Orange-striped Stonefly!

Orange-striped Stonefly
 So, lots of nice descoveries! At the time of writing we have recorded 404 species in our square!

Here are the latest additions:

306    Equisetum arvense    Field Horsetail
307    Cynosurus cristatus    Crested Dogstail
308    Cytisus scoparius    Broom
309    Taxus baccata    Yew
310    Emberiza schoeniclus    Reed Bunting
311    Sylvia curruca    Lesser Whitethroat
312    Impatiens glandulifera    Himalayas Balsam
313    Lotus corniculatus    Birdsfoot Trefoil
314    Chelidonium majus    Greater Celandine
315    Myrrhis odorata      Sweet Cicely
316    Tessdalia nudicaulis    Shepherds Cress
317    Leucanthemum vulgare    Oxeye Daisy
318    Rumex sanguineus     Wood Dock
319    Lemna minor    Common Duckweed
320    Centaurea nigra     Common Knapweed
321    Medicago lupulina     Black Medick
322     Thlaspi arvense    Field Pennycress
323    Potamogeton natans     Broad-leaved Pondweed
324    Papaver rhoeas     Poppy
325    Sedum acre    Biting Stonecrop
326    Centranthus ruber    Red Valerian
327    Festuca ovina    Sheeps Fescue
328    Holcus lanatus    Yorkshire Fog
329    Phleum pratense    Timothy
330    Sorbus aucuparia    Mountain Ash
331    Acer campestre    Field Maple
332    Harpalus affinis    A Ground Beetle
333    Osmia bicornis    Red Mason Bee
334    Vespula vulgaris    Common Wasp
335    Scotophaeus blackwalli    House Mouse Spider
336    Sorex minutus    Pygmy Shrew
337    Meles meles    Badger
338    Dysdera crocata    Woodlouse Spider
339    Tipula luna    Cranefly species
340    Musca autumnalis    Face Fly
341    Phaonia pallida    Fly Species
342    Calliphora vomitoria    Blow fly species
343    Bibio marci    St Mark's Fly
344    Sepedon sphegea    Marsh Fly species
345    Vanessa atalanta    Red Admiral
346    Entomobrya albocincta    A Springtail
347    Phoenicurus phoenicurus    Redstart
348    Lithophane hepatica    Pale Pinion
349    Anticlea badiata    Shoulder Stripe
350    Coccinella septempunctata    7-spot Ladybird
351    Liocoris tripustulatus    Bug species
352    Salticus scenicus    Zebra Spider
353    Tipula confusa    Cranefly species
354    Limonia nubeculosa    Cranefly species
355    Palloptera quinquemaculata    Trembling-winged Fly sp
356    Sargus flavipes    Yellow-legged Centurion Fly
357    Larix decidua    Common Larch
358    Pisaura mirabilis    Nursery Web Spider
359    Orthosia gracilis    Powdered Quaker
360    Tetrix denticulata    Spider species
361    Anemone nemorosa    Wood Anemone
362    Cruciata laevipes    Crosswort
363    Lathyrus pratensis    Meadow Vetchling
364    Harpactea hombergi    Spider species
365    Arctium minus    Lesser Burdock
366    Rubus idaeus    Wild Rasberry
367    Pieris brassicae    Large White
368    Bombus pascuorum    Common Carder-bee
369    Stachys sylvatica    Hedge Woundwort
370    Scrophularia nodosa    Common Figwort
371    Calystegia sepium    Hedge Bindweed
372    Geranium dissectum     Cut-leaved Cranesbill
373    Bibio johannis    Fly Species
374    Araneus diadematus    Garden Spider
375    Pholcus phalangioides    Daddy Long-legs Spider
376    Pachygnatha degeeri    Spider species
377    Acer platanoides    Norway Maple
378    Cornus sanguinea    Dog Wood
379    Alopecurus pratensis    Meadow Foxtail
380    Carex pendula    Pendulous Sedge
381    Bufo bufo    Common Toad
382    Microtus agrestis    Short-tailed Vole
383    Lepus europaeus    Brown Hare
384    Gasterosteus aculeatus    Three-spined Stickleback
385    Gastrophysa viridula    Green Dock Beetle
386    Malachius bipustulatus    Common Malachite Beetle
387    Rumex crispus    Curled Dock
388    Chenopodium album    Fat Hen
389    Malva sylvestris    Common Mallow
390    Diplotaxis muralis    Annual Wall Rocket
391    Reseda luteola    Weld
392    Potentilla sterilis    Barren Strawberry
393    Astragalus glycyphyllos    Wild Liquorice
394    Euphorbia helioscopia    Sun Spurge
395    Chaerophyllum temulum    Rough Chervil
396    Aethusa cynapium    Fools Parsley
397    Convolvulus arvensis    Field Bindweed
398    Matricaria discoidea    Pineapple Weed
399    Oxychilus alliarius    Hairy Snail
400    Rhipidia maculata    A Limonid Cranefly
401    Perlodes mortoni    Orange-striped Stonefly
402    Anticlea derivata    Streamer
403    Diurnia flagella    Micro Moth sp
404    Depressaria heraclei    Parsnip Moth

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