Saturday, May 4, 2013

Eaton Bray SP9621ish

My 1ksq list is now up to 318 with 52 additions in the 9 days since my last post.

Three new birds: House Martin on 26th, Curlew calling on 28th and Swift today (4th). Really hoping for Cuckoo and Whitethroat in the coming days.

I've run the MV light trap in the garden on a couple of nights but only added two moths (Satellite and Diamond-back Moth), both last night.

I've set a dry pitfall trap in the garden which I've been checking every day or two and releasing the contents. It's not catching much but has added the following beetles:
Byrrhus pilula a pill-beetle
Quedius curtipennis a rove-beetle (female but I'm discounting Q. fuliginosus on habitat)
Xantholinus longiventris a rove-beetle

Ten new plants:
Greater Celandine
Germander Speedwell
Thyme-leaved Speedwell
Hornbeam (one flowering in a hedge)
Meadow Foxtail coming into flower
Wavy Bitter-cress on the edge of a ditch
Common Mallow
Atlantic Ivy Hedera hibernica - starfish-hairs seen under the microscope (Lifer)
Sticky Mouse-ear

I'm afraid I've re-identified one plant ... the Salad Burnet I was excited to have found in my 18th April post is now looking like a cock-up of Burnet-saxifrage.

Salad Burnet not

Burnet-saxifrage ... to be confirmed

One new fungus:
Puccinia malvearum - rust on Common Mallow leaves (Lifer, though I can recall seeing it before without identifying it)

Some more new beetles spotted while out and about:
Loricera pilicornis a ground beetle
Bembidion lunulatum a ground beetle
Bembidion biguttatum a ground beetle
Amara familiaris a ground beetle
Philonthus cognatus a rove-beetle, on the outside wall of the house on 1st, a hot still day with beetles taking to the wing
Hypera postica a weevil
Philonthus concinnus a rove-beetle

A couple of extra flies:
Eristalis pertinax a hoverfly, one indoors
Rhingia campestris The Heineken Fly, reaches the parts other flies cannot reach.

A couple of shieldbugs in the garden:
Sehirus luctuosus Forget-me-not Shieldbug
Palomena prasina Green Shieldbug

A rush of new butterflies on 1st:
Holly Blue
Large White

Two new bees:
Bombus lapidarius Red-tailed Bumblebee on 1st
Osmia rufa mason-bee males on 1st

Finally, a new pile of manure has kindly been dumped in my square, allowing me to play my trump card by sieving out some beetles, adding 16 species to my total:

Hydrophilids (dung-feeding members of a largely aquatic family):
Cryptopleurum minutum
Cercyon quisquilius
Cercyon obsoletus
Cercyon haemorrhoidalis
Sphaeridium marginatum - one male and one female (Lifer)

Aleocharine staphylinids:
Aleochara lanuginosa
Acrotona aterrima
Acrotona parvula - one female of a nasty genus that I've avoided until recently (Lifer)
Dimetrota atramentaria
Chaetida longicornis

Other staphylinids:
Philonthus marginatus
Philonthus albipes
Bisnius fimaterius
Gyrohypnus fracticornis

Other beetles:
Anthicus antherinus - an ant-like flower-beetle
Atomaria nitidula - an LBJ.

Hard woody brackets on an "Aylesbury Prune" in one of the orchards. Not attempted an ID yet - any offers?

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