Sunday, May 19, 2013

SP5595ish - Big day

Guess everyone else is too busy peering down a 'scope or trawling through keys?

I managed a good couple of hours in the square today, and along with a few more from the garden and a decent few additions from the garden moth traps I'm up to 492 (+38 since yesterday). I'll summarise another day but here's a few shots.

Woundwort Shieldbug - swept from White Dead-nettle. Tick

Dingy Footman - couple found under a flat board on a road-side verge

Drinker - found in long grasses

Pammene rhediella - swept from hawthorn

Trachycera advenella - swept from hawthorn

One to rear - swept from hawthorn

Hawthorn is my current favourite plant. Just about every swish with a net brings something new. I reckon another couple of good nights in the garden traps will see me top 500.

1 comment:

  1. Top work Mark. I'm hopeless with caterpillars but I should be able to manage Drinker I guess. Got some nice torts to do though... so many pots, so little time.