Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spider ID?

Laminioides sclopetarius?

This rather splendid spider has set up home on the lid of our recycling bin which had been left propped up against the hedge at the bottom of the garden for a couple of days.  It is now very exposed as the bin has been returned to it's rightful place outside the kitchen window.  I have looked at a lot of photos online and have come up with a tentative ID, but would appreciate any comments.

Otherwise I have added a few bits and pieces on a couple of evening strolls and around the garden and my list now totals 154.


  1. Hi Marilyn ~ you are in the right family - areanidae, but this is actually a female nuctenea umbratica, or walnut orb-weaver (gah I HATE that name, gothic orb-weaver more like). The depth of colour is very variable on most spiders, and this is actually a surprisingly warm coloured one (I bet the person that came up with *that* name was looking ate one just like this..) l.sclopetarius are a similar shape and posture, but will have a clear pattern outlined in white, with noticeable pale ling along the edges of the cepthalothorax.

  2. ate? well maybe *that* is where the name comes from - must try that..

  3. Thanks Matt, I know very few spiders so didn't really know where to start with this one.