Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire

May rushes past once again and there's so little time to look for the things you've spent the last few months planning to go and see! I seem to have taken my eye off the square recently and most of my recent notebook pages are filled with lists from survey work elsewhere, or with sketches of rare birds in Kentish cemeteries. My total moves from 369 on 8th to 393: 24 additions in 13 days.

8th May
370 - Cuckooflower Cardamine pratensis
371 - Meadow Buttercup Ranunculus acris
372 - Barren Brome Anisantha sterilis
373 - Field Maple
374 - Phragmidium tuberculatum, rust on garden rose leaves. Tick.
375 - Whitethroat

Phragmidium tuberculatum, rust on garden rose leaves

10th May
376 - Beris chalybata, soldierfly in garden
377 - Yellow Wagtail
378 - Opium Poppy growing on pavement

11th May
379 - Sedge Warbler, singing by the moats
380 - Field Madder Sherardia arvensis. A nice surprise on a roadside bank.
381 - Field Bindweed

12th May
382 - Hedera helix in the new, narrower sense. Tick I suppose though I've obviously seen it before. Looked at the hairs under the microscope.

13th May
383 - Clubiona corticalis, a spider. Tick. Found indoors.

18th May: checking MV light trap at 6 in the morning
384 - Brimstone Moth
385 - Least Black Arches
... and then Jo came out to say Andy had phoned and did I know about the Dusky Thrush!

21st May: checking MV light trap from 0515.
386 - Chinese Character
387 - Grey Dagger (male, dissected)
388 - Rustic Shoulder-knot
389 - Spectacle
390 - Muslin Moth
391 - Argyrotaenia ljungiana, only the third micro I've had in the moth trap this year.
392 - Cercyon lateralis, a hydrophilid beetle, on the sheet under the trap.
393 - Common Tern, 2 over the garden while checking the trap. The sixth time I have had flyover Common Terns.

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