Thursday, May 23, 2013

Broadholme, Lincs Update (400)

Some 80 species added in the last week mainly from sweeping around the big pond which has a good area of water meadow. The highlight came yesterday when I netted a moth in flight which looks good for Grapholita lunulana, this would be a new Lincolnshire record for this northern species. I will dissect it tonight for confirmation. Also recorded Marsh Pug from the meadow which I do every year and find it to be common in Lincs when I  specifically look for it. 
It is the first time I have looked for the Longhorn Beetles there are some beauties out there.
Still need some warm nights to get the moth species list up, although the garden year list is up to 100.

 320 -Swift 15/5/13
Sphaeroderma rubidum (leaf beetle) 15/5/13
Chironomus plumosus (midge) 15/5/13
Incurvaria masculella (micro-moth) 15/5/13
Liocoris tripustulatus (plant bug) 16/5/13
Pimpla rufipes (parasitic wasp) 16/5/13
Cheilosia pagana (hoverfly) 16/5/13
Andrena haemorrhoe (early mining bee) 17/05/13
Pale Prominent
Pale-mottled Willow
Pebble Prominent
Heart and Dart
Green Carpet
Fox-glove Pug 19/05/13
Scoparia ambigualis 19/05/13
Parornix anglicella 19/5/13
14-spot Ladybird 19/5/13
Syritta pipens (thick-legged hoverfly) 19/5/13

Microchrysa polita (soldier fly 19/5/13
Curculio glandium (acorn weevil) 19/5/13

Common Blue Damselfly 19/5/13
Large White Butterfly 19/5/13
Harpocera thoracica (plant bug) 19/5/13
Scorched carpet
Flame shoulder 19/5/13
Glyphipterix simpliciella (cocksfoot moth)
Scentless Mayweed
Choreutis pariana (apple leaf skeletonizer)
Cantharis decipiens (soldier beetle)
Leiopus nebulosus (longhorn beetle)

Large Red Damselfly
Xyphosia miliaria (fly)
Black Medick
Rose-bay Willowherb
Greater Stichwort
Lady,s smock
Elachista apicipunctella
Red Campion
Gelder rose
Orange tip
Redshank (plant)
Common Vetch
Common Fumitory
Donacia vulgaris (leaf beetle)

Gastrophysa polygonia (leaf beetle)
Cantharis lateralis (soldier beetle)
Helophilus pendulus (hoverfly)
Opomyza florum (fly)
Parhelophilus frutetorum (hoverfly) 20/5/13

Adela reaumurella 20/5/13
Ruby tiger
Brimstone Moth 20/5/13
Lesser Swallow  Prominent
Bee moth
Common Pug 20/5/13
Common Carpet
Phyllonorycter quercifoliella
Nedyus quadrimaculathus (weevil) 21/5/13
Neoascia podagrica (hoverfly) 21/5/13
Common Frog 21/5/13
Ancylis badiana
Pale Tussock 21/5/13
Cantharis rustica (soldier beetle) 21/5/13
Esperia sulphurella 22/5/13
Marsh Pug 22/5/13

Grapholita lunulana (Micro Moth a first for Lincolnshire) ? 

Sedge Warbler 22/5/13
Blue-tail Damselfly 22/5/13
Cercopis vulnerata (froghopper) 22/5/13
Cantharis pellucida (soldier beetle) 22/5/13
Cantharis nigricans (soldier beetle) 22/5/13
Nephrotoma flavescens (tiger cranefly) 22/5/13
Empis tessellata (fly) 22/5/13
Epinotia immundana 22/5/13
400 - Dilophus febrilis (fly) 22/5/13

Here is a few unidentified ?


  1. Martin,
    Your longhorn beetle is Pogonocherus hispidulus. Not sure the Donacia is vulgaris. I've got links on my website to the ID guide:

  2. Thanks Mark, wrote the incorrect name from the web, realise now that the Donacia is a Leaf Beetle and could one of a few. Not sure how to obtain the link for the Donacia,s.

    Regards Martin Gray

  3. The spiders are probably xysticus cristatus (should really be confirmed by genitalia) and metellina mengei/segmentata (again should be confirmed by genitalia, although males can be identified by hair length on meta-tarsus 1 - your example is possibly a young female m.segmentata)

  4. Thanks Matt, I'm sure Andy will not let me have these.

  5. Nothing to do with me Martin. It's between you and your conscience....!