Saturday, May 11, 2013

SP5595ish Aquatics

Haven't actually found anything new today, but I have managed to work out / key out a few bits that I found in the Brook yesterday plus I'd forgotten to include a moth larva. I've uploaded a few photos to my blog of some of yesterday's stuff.

Taxon Vernacular Date Added
411 Ancylus fluviatilis River Limpet 10/05/2013
410 Gammarus pulex (shrimp) 10/05/2013
409 Helobdella stagnalis (leech) 10/05/2013
408 Operophtera brumata Winter Moth (larval) 10/05/2013

River Limpet - didn't know such things existed until this morning

Some sort of Mayfly larva - loads of these

Large Red Damselfly

Triplax aenea

Empis opaca

This one is not yet confirmed - I think it may be Lesteva longoelytrata

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