Thursday, May 23, 2013

Creeping up!

20 more added since my last post, mostly plants because that's what I know best. Number 176 added this evening while walking the dog was Spotted Medick.  Dog walking has quite productive, last week we watched a weasel chase and catch a bank vole, 2 more for the list.

Other plants have included Water Dock, Pendulous Sedge, Slender Speedwell and Hoary Cress.  I have managed to ID a few more insects including a nice black hairy-footed flower bee, mating pairs of fever-flies and Bibionidae lanigerus (a March fly).  Not so welcome were a couple of vine weevils in the conservatory.

I'm hoping for some time over the bank holiday to try to make a bit more progress, I can see 200 on the horizon!

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