Monday, January 7, 2013

Another quiet day

I was also at home all day, but busy working unfortunately. Another three for the list was all I could manage. Highlight was my first (and perhaps even Norfolk's first?!) occupied mine of the fly Phytomyza hellebori, on Stinking Hellebore in my vegetable patch! Thanks to Mark Telfer for the tip-off to check for it.

Otherwise, a Tawny Owl was hooting like mad in the back garden at tea-time. I failed to see it, but my son did! Was going to wait until I saw one before adding it, but then decided that I felt this was silly. It's a hooting owl, 20 m from the back door - of course I can have it. Finally, saw a tweet from Richard Fox saying that Saharan dust was predicted for the UK tonight, so have followed his advice and stuck the moth-trap on. Expecting big things, but so far only a Winter Moth. But who knows what may be there by morning....?



  1. Hmm, seems it was not first for Norfolk after all. But it's only been here since 1999...

    Oh, and guess how many Saharan moths I caught? Go on, take a guess...

  2. Well done with the Phytomyza Andy.

    Dare I say ... zero?

  3. The mines I found in the village were vacated. Must check those in the garden!