Saturday, January 19, 2013


I'm still here ......

Been either busy at work or filling what available time I have had with Foot It birding over the last week or so (mainly out of the square). Naturally then everything that I have added to my square list of late is avian. I resolutely refuse to tick dead twigs - this is a year-long marathon so I just don't see the point. I'm also not recording 'signs' like the Fox tracks and mole hills I've seen. On top of all that, too much snow around here today to even think of looking for inverts (or at least too much for me to be arsed to look for them).

Biggest dollop of square-listing jam came today though - I was c200M out of my square to the south and inadvertently flushed a Woodcock. Not only was this a massive surprise as it was the last thing I'd expect where I was, it headed strongly north and flew stright into the square. Result! I also added Skylark today, Sparrowhawk in the square, Reed Bunting and Meadow Pipit in the same area as a 200+ strong Linnet flock and a few more expected bits. I'm on 92, and fully expect to lag the field for some considerable time ....


  1. I'm with you Skev, ticking dead stuff seems a bit desperate, Shouldn't worry about lagging behind, I'm way behind you!

  2. The only dead thing I've counted is Bracken, and I can't give a good reason why, so I think I'll knock it off and adjust my total accordingly. Talking of Bracken though, check dead stems for Bracken Map Rhopographus filicinus, a rather attractive microfungus (you listening in Andy? That's another one for you, mate!) Also agree that molehills, fox tracks etc aren't worth counting. Not until 31st December, anyway.

  3. Actually, I'm not even sure there's any Bracken in the square, bizzarely. Surely there must be somewhere? I shall look up the microfungus tho Seth, ta.

    My molehills are currently definitely occupied, as they're appearing through the snow. Not counting though til I see the critters.