Saturday, January 12, 2013

TM2499 - 12th Jan - some progress and a missing comb...

Had a decent few hours searching the square this afternoon at last, which was most enjoyable, and have nudged the list up to at least 122, as follows:

Redwing - one overhead, about time; they seem a bit thin on the ground around here at the moment
Stigmella aurella - at last, after looking at hundreds of vacated mines in brambles, an occupied one in the garden
Beech - have been mulling over countability over various trees, but have just remembered that there's one that's about 400 years old, so that'll have to do. I doubt anyone has a record of whether it was initially deliberately planted!
Meadowsweet - tatty bits of last year's plants
Soft Rush - on slightly damper parts of the common than the Hard Rush perhaps
Woodcock - hooray, never a guaranteed one here, I flushed one from a hedge on the edge of the common
Lords-and-ladies - leaves starting to poke up from the ground
Teasel - dead seedheads, and thanks to Brian's posting last week....
Endothenia gentianeana - a micro-moth tick, with a larva in a teasel seedhead. I checked it for its legendary anal comb, which was duly lacking. Never heard of an anal comb before (or felt the need for one, to be honest....)
Turkeytail Trametes versicolor - I hate bracket fungi, but I'm pretty confident about this (which is dirt common)
Lapwing - c40 south overhead, and an hour later....
Golden Plover - c15 north overhead - quite a good one here, not someone I note regularly
Mouse-ear Hawkweed - hairy leaves on a roadside verge
Petty Spurge
Luffia ferchaultella - occupied cases of this micro-moth on the same wall that Mr Lawlor discovered them on during a visit a couple of years ago! I suspect I'd still be walking past without noticing them otherwise.
Coral Spot
Dogwood - hedge plant, but seems to be self-seeding (or suckering, or whatever). I dunno, I suppose this is countable?
Cock's-foot - dead grass stems and heads
Male Fern
Red Dead-nettle.

Oh, and for the purists among you, I saw a Tawny Owl too just now in the front garden, so that's the heard-only knocked off!


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