Monday, January 28, 2013

Australia - Blue Skimmer and Rain

Not managed to spend a huge amount of time looking for stuff in the square recently, but added quite a few new plants, plus Banded Sugar Ant, taking the total to 89 species so far. Managed to ID this dragonfly seen last weekend as a female Blue Skimmer Orthetrum caledonicum (note that the species name derives from New Caledonia rather than the old one, the species being found on that island, and in Australia and the Lesser Sundas).

Female Blue Skimmer, Whites Hill, 20th January 2013
Lots of rain in the past few days - the street is a raging torrent - will get out looking for frogs one of these evenings. Oh, and books on snails, fungi and stick insects recently arrived in the post, so expect more diversity from Down Under soon!

Cambridge Street, 27th January 2013

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