Saturday, January 12, 2013


Went for a walk late morning, mainly to go tick off Woodcock for my "Foot it" list, but this meant walking twice through my square to get there. Very productive bird-wise with about 10 new species including a Peregrine soaring, a Stock Dove (which I thought may be one I'd miss), but best of all Snipe! I didn't expect Snipe on the k-square list unless I had a lucky autumn flyover perhaps, but the rain has made a few flooded corners behind the school and I put two up as I squelched around. Other things included some Yellow Dung Flies feeding on Hogweed flowers and plenty of Phyllonorycter leucographella larvae mining cotoneaster leaves.

I think that I have managed to identify two types of Lichen so far using my new Lichen book. It's somewhat tricky, and I had no idea there were that many species.

Lecanora campestris

Opegrapha atra

And a couple of photos from earlier in the week - a weevil and some kind of 'unicorn-fly'. Right, back to Match of the Day.


  1. Good work sir, and some crazy-looking beasts there! I spent hours kicking Shotesham Common NOT seeing any Snipe - I would have been most miffed had I not had Woodcock as consolation from the hedge nearby

  2. Your weevil is a species of Sitona but I can only get it to one of 4 or 5 species.

  3. The moth fly is a Psychoda, possibly surcoufi. See

  4. Thanks for the tips fellas - 2 more creatures to add to the unident list.