Sunday, January 27, 2013

SX5249 new and retrospective species

A day mostly in the garden today doing some essential gardening tasks..... That did provide three new Woodlice (Armadillium vulgare, Philoscia muscorum and a tick in the form of Rosy Woodlouse, Androniscus dentiger). A couple of plants as well (Cleavers and Lords and Ladies) as well as a retrospective tick in the form of a Sycamore that is in the garden that took me lopping branches off before I realised it was not on the list! Discovered that there is a little spring in my square that I didn't know about that forms a small pond - going to need to get permission to have a closer look as it is the only water body I know of on the square - clearly some duckweed on the surface and some other water plants around the edges. It did provide Mallard which I thought might be tricky. I finally got the courage to get the Bryophytes key out last night. A small cushion moss growing outside the front door had looked like it should be Tortula muralis and it keyed straight out to that in a very satisfying way. I love it when a plan comes together!

My overinflated ID ego was quickly brought back down to earth when I tried some worms and a slug this afternoon and failed miserably.

List is now up to 110 as I seemed to have forgotten Greenfinch.

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