Friday, January 4, 2013


Making the most of my holidays, and determined to get to 100 species before the end of the day, I spent a bit more time searching the garden and adjacent roadside for more species yesterday afternoon. I had flyover Little Egret and Grey Wagtail, plus I cleared up on all possible reptiles with a Slow Worm hibernating in its usual spot. I scoured the internet and identified a few lifers for me including the Ragwort Flea Beetle. I think I have identified my first ever moss (Wall Screw Moss) and, most exciting of all, the rather beautiful Alexanders Rust Fungus!

possibly a Ragwort Flea Beetle

There were a few of these flies amongst the grass of the lawn which I think are Geomyza tripunctata as they are similar to ones that iSpot identified last summer.


  1. Mark, I'm really impressed with your pics. What set up are you using and is it affordable or stupid crazy 'spensive??? Cheers mate, Seth.

  2. Thanks Seth. Stupid crazy 'spensive is not in my vocabulary. My gear isn't that pricey at all and I am really chuffed with what it can do without hardley ever changing any settings. I have little knowledge on the intricacies of photography, I just want to take nice record shots that I can put on my website. My camera is a Panasonic Lumix FZ45 which is great for birding due to its impressive zoom, but disappointingly I found that it wasn't great for macro. So last summer I bought a pretty cheap clip-on Raynox macro lens (I think this was from reading about it on Mark Skev's website if I remember) which is tricky to get used to but gets decent record shots. At the moment I am using the flash and sticking the shutter speed to 1/2000 and it's working nicely.

  3. Mark, There are a couple of big Ragwort Longitarsus species in Britain which require dissection of males. Maybe you only have one of them on Guernsey, I don't know. Could chop one up for you if you want. Also, I think Geomyza is quite a big genus and again I think you often need males to be sure but flies are not my thing.

  4. Hi Mark. Yes, looking it up, there are a few Ragwort Longitarsus species on the Guernsey list - I should have labelled it as a possible. I am just learning about beetles.