Friday, January 25, 2013

TG2507 - An introduction

25th January 2013

Late to the party, I am going to be recording in the TG2507 square, which comprises the south-western quarter of Whitlingham Country Park, Norfolk. This has several disadvantages, notably I don't live in the square and don't have access to half of it, but even with that handicap I anticipate seeing more than in my home 1km square (I am aiming for around 500 species). My interests are mostly birds, larger insects and fungi, although I have a working knowledge of flowering plants and ferns. Everything else will be a learning curve!

So far I have seen 33 bird species within TG2507, and one fungus. Unfortunately I can't count the fungus yet, as it is thought to be the second Norfolk record of Gloeophyllum trabeum, but I need to dig a specimen out of the snow to check the spores for confirmation! 

Gloeophyllum sp.

TG2507 Total so far: 33

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