Wednesday, January 2, 2013

TL0894 on 58

Well, finished day one on 56 species, most of these birds but also added a few plants I'm familiar with and the odd invert. Best was a flock of Mandarin, which are by no means guaranteed in the square in any year.

Mammals were disappointing with no sign of the daily Bank Voles on our feeders and despite an evening walk I couldn't even rustle up a rabbit. That did turn up another goodie in the form of a few Snipe flying about at dusk.

A quick check of the fields west of the river this morning turned up Grey Squirrel and Red Fox so at least the mammals are starting to tick up now. Still no sign of our voles though.

Plants are going to be a real challenge. I find I don't know my White Willow from my Crack Willow and a lush plant in a stream already has me stumped - perhaps an Oenanthe species. Is the large tight flat rosette-like thistle Cirsium vulgare?

My list will be recorded here:

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  1. Your lush stream plant MAY be Hemlock Water-dropwort. Mine was :)