Monday, January 7, 2013

SX5249 - up to 74

Another walk around the square yesterday discovering bits that I had never been to before. Not many species added but I scoped out some good potential areas for the spring/summer. The garden has been most productive still and nights have produced three new snail species on the wet walls including the most unimaginative scientific name possible - Discus rotundatus! I finally got around to IDing the Clausilia I have been seeing for months as bidentata and finally found Garlic Snail (very cool smell but dissipates rapidly unlike garlic). I also IDed my first ever Lichen (Usnea subfloridiana) and got some fungi on the list. I have had 11 species new to me over the first two days on the square so the idea is working for me at least!

I keep telling myself that I only need 2.73 species/day, 19.11/week and 83.33/month

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